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Welcome to my blog about fitness and health supplements. My name is Maria and I study geology in the university of Houston. TX. As a student far from my hometown (Sheyenne, ND) I have to pay extra attention to my daily expenses and live on a budget. I started reading several coupon sites which really helped me make ends meet and cut my living cost.

I like to stockpile on groceries when I find items at rock bottom prices. Many items have coupons in them which I use the next time I go shopping. Other times I combine a coupon with a sale. If the item is on sale for say $1, I use my $1 off coupon and get it for free.

Some stores, like Target, take 2 coupons per item. This is when you save a lot. It’s not uncommon to save over $300 a month.

Half of my coupons I get from the Sunday paper. The other half are digital, which I get in the mail box or I find online, like coupons for Nutrisystem, Vitacost, etc. Last week, for example, I saved $50 with coupons I clipped from the newspaper inserts, and those that I found on items at the grocery store. Without using the coupons, my bill was $135 and after it was only $80! That means, I got to keep 40% in my pocket. Over a course of a month, that’s $200 in savings. Definitely worth it!

I saved $55 with coupons clipped from the paper and found on items at the grocery store. Before coupons my bill was $140 after $85! Give or take 40% Over the course of a months that is over $200 in savings. Definitely worth it ;-}

After 2 years of frugal living I have acquired a substantial experience on money and time management. I started Geolatinam in order to share this experience and also give tips for other students as well.

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Maria Dom

About Maria Dom

Maria is a student at the University of Texas. Using coupons has helped her make ends meet and cut her living cost significantly.