Why sugar is addictive and how to overcome it

No matter you think you know about health and fitness, you are going to learn something new every week. In this article, we speak about a very wide-spread addiction which is the sugar-addiction. People today have really no idea how much addicted they are to sugar. It is indeed a huge realization for everyone when you become aware how dangerous sugar is for your health.

Look at this now to find out how you can completely replace your daily unhealthy sugar with a huge variety of naturally flavored protein supplements that contain absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. You can also boost your energy and increase your muscle mass with a big assortment of all-natural, muscle-building protein bars that provide you with a high-value daily fiber and protein while on the other hand they contain 40% less sugar that the well-known energy bars found in supermarkets.

Why sugar is extremely bad for your health

In the video below, you can see an nutrition expert explainning in detail why sugar consumption is very hazardous for your health why we should completely and utterly remove it from our daily diet and from our life as a whole.

Why sugar-addiction is an epidemic?

In the video below, you can watch a very interesting scientific analysis which explains why people are addicted to sugar and they are so tempted and prone to eat foods that contain sugar.

Millions of people are suffering from sugar-addiction without realizing it. It is indeed a complete epidemic that people do not realize. We have obesity epidemic where sugar is responsible, we have diabetes epidemic where sugar is also is responsible for it. There is a 21-day sugar detox that gives you the opportunity to see what you are eating. For example, even a yogurt that has a strawberry flavor contains 25 grams of sugar.

Indeed, so many foods have sugar inside them that we just do not know about them. We often visit friends and relatives and we say that we do not eat sugary foods, but still there many things on the table, which are not ice-creams, cookies and cakes and nevertheless they contain sugar. As a result, on average we are consuming 158 pounds of sugar per person per year and we do not even realize it. In reality, most people eat more than their body weight in sugar which allows for dramatic weight-gain during the years.

How to overcome sugar addiction

In the video below, you can watch a mutritoion specialist giving a 4-stage process that describes step-by-step how to overcome and completely eradicate sugar cravings in your daily life and in your daily nutritional routine.

Why sugar is addictive?

Sugar would be addictive if it had been introduced today. Sugar is just a few chemical different than the chemical makeup of cocaine which really explains why sugar is so addictive. Having just a little bit creates the desire for more and if you take it away it causes withdrawal symptoms. Also, if you manage to detoxify you body from sugar, if you return back to sugar-eating you get moody and you also get headaches.

When you have detoxified yourself from sugar, you feel clean, you also feel good about your body and you stomach is flatter.

Good alternatives to sugar

In the video below, you can watch a fitness expert giving a detailed list and description of 5 different good, healthy, natural and safe sugar alternatives. These 5 sugar sugar alternatives have both a delicious taste and a very sweet smell that youcan easily incorporate them in your daily nutritional program.

There is no reason to eat sugar because there are so many healthy alternatives that taste just as good. You keep the sweetness and you lose the sugar. Indeed, you do not have to deprive yourself of the sweetness as you can choose foods like Xylitol which looks and taste like sugar. You can also use Coconut sugar in any recipe. There is a Glycemic Index from 1 to 100 which shows how sugar affects your blood sugar. So, White sugar has a Glycemic Index of 100 but Xylitol has G.I of just 7 and Coconut sugar has a G.I of 35.

These forms of sugar, the Sweet Potatoes the Yams, are good sources of sugar that are bodies can easily break down and digest. Complex Carbohydrates, not the simple ones like White Bread or White Rice, but instead Brown Rice, Quinoa, Beans and generally Whole-Grains will never give us Sugar cravings.

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